Thursday, April 28, 2011

Network Connections Group USA, 2016

Network Connections Group USA, offer the number one cabling service now with a 100% Guarantee for the life of the ship.

What this means is that our qualified trained project engineers will check your Network Cabling and then we will fix it, test it and do whatever is needed to that or those cables for the life of your ship, yes a 100% Guarantee no question asked.

1. NC GROUP USA Guarantees all workmanship for the LIFE of the Installation.
2. All our work will exceeds Coast Guard, Lloyds, BICSI, and IEEE.
3. Our Tyco (Amp) Networks Extends Warranty to 20 Years.
4. Our Consultants are trained to employ industry codes and standards.
5. Our Consultants distinguish themselves from the competition with globally-recognized credentials.
6. NC GROUP USA Guarantees we will not use any foreign LOW cost, unskilled workers.
7. NC GROUP USA Consultants focus on industry standards, resulting in uniform, durable and high-level system performance.

Our Values
• At all times we will conduct ourselves in a dignified and responsible manner.
• We will carry out our duties with integrity, objectivity and impartiality.
• We will respect the confidentiality of all information acquired during the course of our work and will not disclose information..
• Our staff will not undertake work that they are not competent to complete.

We do it right and safe the first time and we back our work 100%.

Network Connections Group USA are project installers of specialist data network for the cruise industry, building on this top quality skill set, we decided to offer all the products we use on our installation to our customer. Everything we sell has been used out in the field by our techs and is designed to save you and your company time and Money.