Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3D Cabling Design

Our Web-based cabling design Tool automatically calculates the lengths of cables, conduits, trays, trunks, pipes etc. as well as it auto-generates the Rack Diagram, Wiring Log Book, 3D view, Bill of Materials and Specification with project costs. You don’t have to manually do cost estimations any longer.

Cabling Design with Web-Based Software

The web-based software will auto place the data jacks and raceways to the Wiring Closet (Cabinet, Rack) and Auto label (tag) outlets, cables and ports and get you a price for your bids in 5 minutes.

Auto placement of outlets, Cables Auto Routing, Auto Labeling (Tagging), Length calculation with cable slack, 3D view, Bill of Materials, Cable Schedule, Cabinet/Rack, Equipment Schedule, Cost Estimation, Cabinet Rack Diagram, Project Diagram, Fire Optical Diagram.

Network design

Types of cabling can be designed

Local Area Networks (LAN) | Fiber Optic Lines | Telephone | Video Surveillance |Security and Fire alarms |Access Control System |Data Centers.

Bill of Materials | Cabinet and Rack View | project in 3D view | 3D print model | Cables and Pathways | Wiring book | Auto labeling.

Design cabling projects really fast and get calculations and reports immediately, a feature rich online program that works across all platforms and automates the design and estimating process.

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