Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3D CAD Estimation Cabling Design 2016

3D CAD Estimation Cabling Design is now up and running and its online and always up to date, we are still adding features to the web based estimation software every day, but it can still design and give you estimation in no time at all.

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Our 3D CAD estimation Cabling Design software can be used to design LANs - Phone - TV - Surveillance - Fire and Burglar alarm systems - Access Control Systems - Fiber Optic networks.
With our extensive database of components and equipment which is updated regularly and over 20 reports here are a few more benefits of the software.

These features help you to control the assembly and automatic connection of all project details incorporating vendor technological features. Our technology permits visual development of projects rapidly and generates report documentation automatically.

See your design in 3D and show your customer and coming soon we can print a 3D module and export your labeling info direct into our other web based label printing software

We have lots of option and we can add your parts or even make special estimation excel sheets to meet your needs, just give it a try and see how cost effective the software is and works for you.

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